Development tools

File Name File Size Description
arm-elf-binutils-2.11-3.i386.rpm 2418Kb binutils for ARM CPU
arm-elf-gcc-2.95.3-2.i386.rpm 1537Kb gcc for ARM CPU
arm-elf-gdb-5.0-1.i386.rpm 929Kb gdb debugger for ARM CPU elf2flt-20011203 elf2flt-20020218 20Mb,
toolchain & elf2flt from
genromfs-0.5.1-1.i386.rpm 14Kb genromfs utility 11Kb modified cpu.ini for Flash Programmer 17Kb patched flash.ini for Flash Programmer
ucrp1.12 ucrp1.18 ucrp1.20 ucrp1.30
ucrp130.txt ucrp130.pdf
ucrp utility
ustc 102343b Kicad schematic library console utility


File Name File Size Description
evm50100-sch.pdf evm50100_bom.txt evm50100_ast.png evm50100.pnt 108225b, 2615b, 377240b, 14785b EVM50100 schematic, rev. A; EVM50100 BOM; EVM50100 mounting scheme; EVM50100 netlist;
evm50100_dim.png evm50100_dim.dxf 190Kb dimensions png/dxf
evm4510b.pdf evm4510b_ast.png evm4510b.dxf evm4510b.pnt 467846b, 199515b, 575113b, 3719b, 12807b EVM4510b schematic; mounting scheme, componet list S3C4510/S3C4530 PNG/DXF; EVM4510b netlist; without Ethernet PHY, two RS232 (male); GPIO pins, data bus, MII, RS232 pins connected to two headers.
evm4510s.pdf evm4510s.pnt 159303b, 2717b, 3717b EVM4510s, netlist; PHY Ethernet, RJ45, 2 RS232.
evm4510m.pdf evm4510m_ast.png evm4510m.pnt evm4510n.pdf evm4510n_ast.png evm4510n.pnt 625479b, 5090b, 348331b, 16784b, 544500b, 4903b, 328041b, 14509b Schematic EVM4510m; EVM4510m BOM; EVM4510m mounting scheme; EVM4510m netlist; EVM4510n schematic; EVM4510n BOM; EVM4510n mounting scheme; EVM4510n netlist;
flash-skt-sch.pdf 44 KBytes External ROM connection schematic
evm50100-test-1.2.1.tgz 295 KBytes EVM50100 test (+S3C4530, +GNU tools support)
evm50100-test-1.2.1.rom 242 KBytes EVM50100 test binary image
smon-1.2.rom 4 KBytes Simple monitor needed for flash programming (GNU compiled)
fprg-1.1.tgz 1.4 200 KBytes Flash programming utility (Linux host) 396 Bytes EVM50100 config file for Flash Programmer
bios-lt74.rom.tgz 25.8K bios-lt (bootloader) binary image
bios-lt74.patch.2.tgz 19K EVM50100 support for bios-lt(
uClinux-dist-20030909.rom.tgz 912Kb uClinux binary image EVM50100 (09/09/2003)
uClinux-dist-20030909.tar.gz 118MB uClinux 09/09/2003
uClinux-dist-20030909.patch.tgz 17.6Kb EVM50100 support to uClinux 09/09/2003 (S34530,MTD/JFFS2)
uClinux-dist-20040408.patch.tgz 15Kb EVM50100 support to uClinux 04/08/2004

Previous versions


File Size Description
evm9200-sch.pdf evm9200_bom.txt, rev1B evm9200_ast_Rev1_1.png, evm9200.pnt 475164b, 4484b, 3048b, 416934b, 16111 EVM9200 schematic (rev.1 A); EVM9200 bill off materials rev1A, rev1B; EVM9200 mounting scheme rev.1B; EVM9200 net list;
evm9200m.pdf EVM9200m_ast_Rev1.png evm9200m.pnt 676735b, 295874b, 6338b, 17020b Schematic EVM9200m; EVM9200m mounting scheme rev.1A; EVM9200m BOM,component list; EVM9200m net list;
evm9200_dim_rev1_1.png evm9200_dim_rev1_1.txt evm9200_dim.dxf 363Kb,577b dimensions, component coordinate
evm9200b.pdf EVM9200b_ast.png evm9200b.pnt 556073b, 280673b, 5331b, 14127b EVM9200b schematic; EVM9200b mounting scheme; EVM9200b BOM component list; EVM9200b netlist;
AT91RM9200-29lv160d.bin AT91RM9200-k9f1g08u0a.bin spiboot.bin AT91RM9200-29lv160d-1.tgz evm9200-dbgu-cable.pdf 10Kb/136 Kb Flash write utility, parallel flash 29lv160d/320d, SPI flash AT45DB321/642, NAND flash K9F1G08U0A, SPI bootloader, DBGU cable
AT91RM9200-GnuEMAC.bin AT91RM9200-GnuEMAC.tgz 8.31Kb/130 Kb BasicEMAC tests with RTL8201B and GNU devlopment tolls support
AT91RM9200-GnuMCI.bin AT91RM9200-GnuMCI.tgz 12Kb/143Kb BasicMCIDevice tests with GNU devlopment tolls support
boot.patch.tgz 95 Kb boot.bin, boot.bin.patch, Added SDRAM test, abbility to specify SDRAM size, MASTER clock from Makefile. unzip code is replaced.
u-boot-EVM9200-patch.tgz 19.1Kb u-boot-1.1.1 EVM9200 support
EVM9200-linux-2.4.19-rmk.bin.tgz 3654459b linux-2.4.19-rmk7 binary image for EVM9200, contain start loader boot.bin, U-boot bootloader u-boot.bin.gz, linux-2.4.19-rmk7 kernel binary image and based on AT91RM9200-DK initrd image.
linux-2.4.19-rmk7-EVM9200.patch 27Kb EVM9200 patch for linux-2.4.19-rmk7
EVM9200-uClinux-20041215.patch.tgz 16Kb EVM9200 support for uClinux-dist-20041215
memtester-uClinux-20041215.patch.tgz 26Kb memtester for uClinux-dist-20041215


File Size Description
evm9260.pdf evm9260.pnt 626337b,6915b,16097b EVM9260 schematic; EVM9260 BOM; EVM9260 netlist;
evm9260m.pdf evm9260m.pnt 659116b, 5787b, 17498b EVM9260m schematic; EVM9260m component list; EVM9260m netlist;


File Size Description
evm79525.pnt 11998b EVM79525 netlist;


File Size Description
evmsam7x.pnt 11998b EVMSAM7X netlist;


File Size Description
EVM3400.pdf 286761b EVM3400 schematic, rev. 1.0;
EVM3400_ast.png 219598b EVM3400 mounting scheme; 7422b EVM3400 net list;


File Size Description
forum01.tgz 73983b Forum source PHP codes;

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